Few things as funny

… As my BFF, L,  when she’s had a few drinks. I’m curled up in the cuddler (a piece of upholstered furniture… Bigger than a chair and a half, smaller than a loveseat), waiting on my coffee to finish brewing, and I’m still giggling just thinking about how she cracked me up last night.

The best joke of the night (which will pale in my retelling, so just trust me… It was fucking hilarious)… After a few margaritas and bodies moving around the kitchen, I got super hot… And I asked L confidentially if she thought I could get away with taking off the sweatshirt I’d been using to hide my muffin top/ love handles. I unzipped a little too show her… She made the face I make when I say “Aww, pumpkin….”  in reference to someone who is SO clueless, they don’t even comprehend how ridiculous their question is (and how obvious the answer is).

Then she said… “You should probably just open a window” , I about lost my mind laughing. We both did. (Damn, it’s good to have her back after a long week of her visiting family, etc)

I can’t wait to use recovery time for other beauty purposes… L &  I are going to photo document our faces while using a specific brand of facial skin rejuvenation product (no spoilers!!) and then see about morphing each daily photo into an awesome gif that shows the difference using the product makes.
I’m also going to try castor oil and emu oil on my hair to try to bring back some hair follicles, if that’s even possible. I’ve heard great things. I’ve lived with super fine hair my whole life, and in my twenties, it got really thin as a result of taking some medication. (I literally lost like half of my hair).  I’ve been taking biotin for surgery prep anyway, so I should at least have stronger nails soon, if nothing else.  I’m hoping that I’ll have improved results not only with a super flat tummy, but also gorgeous hair, and flawless skin. (a girl can dream, can’t she??)

I can’t wait to be able to take off a layer without embarrassment!!

5 days, 9 hours and 22 minutes since my last cigarette!!!


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