Four days and a wakeup

It’s surprisingly Thursday… Out of nowhere! As I calculate how little time remains until surgery, the realization sets in that I simply won’t be able to get it all done. Now I triage.

I need to file some court documents (thanks ex husband, I know you couldn’t wait to be done paying child support… It’s cool… Just pay me the rest you have owed on braces… For 18 months).  Since I will be two days post-op, I won’t be able to attend the hearing.  So I have to get my stuff filed asap.

Why haven’t I paid for the license sticker renewal for the van? Is been impaled by a push pin in the family command center board for at least five weeks… Hanging there… Not getting paid. I think I’m resistant to giving the State of Illinois ANY more money. Oh wait… They sign my paychecks. Ugh.
Whatever. That gets done today.

Online class. That needs major work. I’ve got to get all my ducks in row, because something tells me two and half weeks after surgery, I won’t be nearly motivated as I am right now.

I detest paperwork.


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